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10 Tips on how to Reduce Your Fat

Obesity is one of the most seen and common disease in people. This is because of today’s life style, the food we eat, the way we take rest and the way we work out all leads to the Obesity. So here are a few very necessary 10 tips on how to Reduce your Fat.


10 Tips on How To Reduce Your Fat

#1.  Start your day with a glass of lukewarm water with empty stomach. This will help you reduce your fat by a good amount.

#2.  Throughout the day, drink gallons of water. A lot of water will help you improve and stabilize your digestive system.

#3. Consume sugar as less as possible and avoid sugar sweetened beverages. As sugar contains Fructose, and if consumed in heavy amount then liver gets flooded with fructose and is forced to turn it all into fat.

#4. Eating more protein may be the best long term strategy to reduce the belly fat. Taking cereals and pulses in your diet will help you with the same.

#5. Eating raw fresh vegetables like cabbage, coriander leaves and spinach daily will help you get through your problem of obesity. As they contain good amount of healthy minerals and vitamins they are considered good for your health.

#6. Daily start your day with a morning walk and some basic exercise. Taking a morning walk will freshen you up as well as will help you reducing your fat.  A walk in the morning and a walk after your dinner is suggested for effective results on reducing your fat.

#7. Whenever you feel hungry other than your meal times, do not avoid eating but take some very light snacks and see to it that you do not consume them in high amount.

#8. Try avoiding heavy foods like Cheese, Butter or Paneer. They are a rich source of Fat and excess consumptions will lead you to obesity.

#9. Daily morning Yogas under the proper supervision will help you reduce your fat very soon.

#10. Take proper rest, a sound sleep will help you calm down your mind and also helps you to fight your stresss.

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