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Glory of a STORY


I was overwhelmed by the trailer… Bhaskar, Tripathi and Shaw are three potent actors… Phew!


Nil Battey Sannata” is a poignantly pompous picture prolifically propagandizing for the prosperity of the pink sex by pens and pencils. It’s a must watch!

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Nil Battey Sannata: Synopsis

Apeksha (Ria Shukla) has made it to the 10th grade but considers it oblivious that she can become a respectful-position holder. She thinks that she is going to be a maid like her mom, Chanda (Swara Bhaskar). (Not Chandna! Chanda. Get over of “FAN” now). However, the mother is polarically other. She wants to enroll the teen in a maths-tuition class too because the latter is nil battey sannata at the haunting subject.

Now the employer (Ratna Pathak Shaw) of the worried-about-her-unambitious-daughter mother boosts her to join the school and she does it with the same class of her daughter.

Hullabaloo! Watch the film to see the repercussions.


Nil Battey Sannata: Story, Screenplay and Direction

The story, by Nitesh Tiwari, as indicated by the top-most phrase, is the backbone of the film and thank God for that. How often we get across a film which is more a story-backed film and less a flick?

The film humorously and poignantly tells a mother-daughter story without forgetting its manifestos- girl education and poverty.

The screenplay, without being preachy and with being entertaining, teaches few essential lessons like: the questions often contain their respective answers in themselves; so read them properly without getting nervous; whether in an exam or in life, fun ways to learn maths, it’s never too late to educate yourself, THE NEED OF EDUCATION, etc.

The characters have been sketched very enchantingly and that of the principal will steal your heart because it’s even more enchantingly played.

Ashwini Iyer Tiwari directs a film for the first time and I love her for the decision. At no point you are sympathetic with Chanda but throughout you are empathetic with her. This is a master stroke.

Dialogues are heart warming.


Nil Battey Sannata: Stars’ Performances

The film provides both revelations and elevations in this department. All the actors are on the same page.

The effigy is a successful show of Bhaskar and will definitely earn her the radical. She is so good in the movie that you will go ga ga over her.

Riya Shukla too is immensly likeable and her scenes with her mother are high points of the film.

Pankaj Tripathi looted my heart as the shocked principal who turns into a rocked principal. Just wow!

R.P. Shaw is first-rate.


Nil Battey Sannata: Music and Other Technical Aspects

Music and the background music pass muster.

Cinematography by Gavemic U Ary fills the bill.

Editing by Chandrashekhar Prajapati is a 95-minute show of his brilliance.


Nil Battey Sannata: Sau Baat Ki Ek Baat

I won’t paint a flawless picture of the film as the ending is a little preachy (though that’s forgivable). Watch it because it’s the (probably first) “Dum Laga Ke Haisha” of 2016: sweet, simple yet strong.

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