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5 Ways to Prevent From Cold

Prevent-The-Common-Cold1Common cold is a disease that you may get it at any point of time, irrespective of the season or the weather. The reason for this catch up of cold is the pollutants and viruses in air. With the increasing pollution and the food habits of ours, we are more prone to get Common Cold.

The symptoms of the Common Cold are sneezing, sore throat, pain in throat, unclear voice, etc. With the below 5 ways to prevent from cold, you can take precautions and stay healthy.

5 Ways to Prevent From Cold

#1. Wash your hands frequently

When you move out of your home and visit a public place like mall, market or may be public transport, you come in contact with a lot of unhygienic substances. You carry all these germs with you back to your home and while you eat something, these germs may enter your body.  So washing your hands frequently is necessary to prevent from cold.

#2. Clean down the dirty areas

Shaking a hand with an ill person, is not suggested to prevent from cold. However this is not enough, catching up cold germs from various places around you is very well possible. So try to clean the areas near you, as soon as possible. The research has proved that there are more chances of you catching up cold by the germs from your surroundings. So cleaning your surroundings is a must.

#3. Drink Plenty of Fluids

Taking gallons of water daily will help you reduce the risk of Cold. This is because, the more amount of water you take the more amount of impurities you will throw out of your body. So as and when possible drink clean, purified water and in a very heavy amount.

#4. Exercise to Strengthen Your Immunity

A daily morning walk and a little exercise, helps you to protect your self from Cold. When you take fresh morning air and Vitamin D from morning Sun rays, it improvises your immune system. A walk in the morning followed by proper Yoga will help you improve your immune system.

#5. Take Proper Diet

The food you eat, affects your body. So taking a proper diet with the suggestion of a doctor or a dietitian is appreciable. Accommodate every thing in your diet like vegetables, fruits, cereals, pulses, milk, etc. This will ensure that you get all the required nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

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