An Ode to Imtiaz Ali

Imtiaz Sir is one of the (very) few Bollywood’s directors who worth the price I pay for entry in a talkie.

Honestly, “Jab We Met” is one of the few flicks that come to my mind when I hear or listen to the word ‘rom-com’, or the phrase ‘favorite film’.



The multi-talented person started his career as an actor in “Black Friday”. The film has an IMDb-rating of 8.6/10.


Then in 2005, he acted as the director, the writer and the editor of the critically acclaimed “Socha Na Tha”.


The film is indeed a feel-good one. Many of you wouldn’t have watched it. Plan it for this weekend. Socha nahi tha na?

(IMDb Rating: 7.7/10)


In the same year he wrote the lovely “Ahista Ahista”. The film’s music was hit.


(IMDb Rating: 7.2/10)


After two years, acting as the writer-director of the MINDBLOWING “Jab We Met”, he gave a re-birth to Kareena Kapoor.


The film was a sleeper-hit of the year and with time has gained the cult-status. The film is in my personal collection.

(IMDb Rating: 8/10)


Then came in 2009, one of the most complex love-stories ever: “Love Aaj Kal”. The film was indeed one of the better films of the year.


The film was nominated for its story and direction at the “Filmfare”of the year. Imtiaz acted as the writer-editor-director of the film.

(IMDb Rating: 6.8/10)


Rockstar (2011), according to me, is the only weak film of Imtiaz to date. Don’t pelt stones at me, but the film bored a bit and confused a lot in between. It was difficult for me to figure out the theme of it.


Anyhow, the music was EXCELLENT and so was Ranbir. So Imtiaz can troll me by saying ‘bitch please!’

(IMDb Rating: 7.6/10)


Then Imtiaz in 2014 wrote, produced and directed a masterpiece;
“Highway”. The film deals with the themes of claustrophobia and child-abuse. Alia and Randeep had done a maverick job indeed.


(IMDb Rating: 7.6/10)


For those who can understand “Tamasha” (2015), like me, the film is  EXTRAORDINARY… MINDBLOWING… OUTSTANDING… FANTASTIC… “Phew!”


(IMDb Rating: 7.3/10)



So Imtiaz! You have “Ahista Ahista” turned out to be a “Rockstar” which I had “Socha Na Tha” . Your each “Tamasha” (except that of 2011) can fill up light in anyone’s “Black Friday”. “Jab We Me(e)t”, not on a “Highway” though, let’s have a “Cocktail”. I love your “Love(ly films) Aaj Kal” and keep  it up always.

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