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Android Users can have these 10 Security Tips

For every android user, security of the Android device is a must; we face various security threats day by day and we all want to keep the Smartphone safe. Here are a few non-expensive 10 Security Tips that can be used to protect your Android device.

  • Always use Google Play store to download apps and not any unreliable third party sites, although there are other options that seem secure to download the android apps as the Samsung app store, Amazon and other manufacturer app stores, you can go to these sites without any second thoughts.
  • Second, if you want to download an app from any third-party site, make sure you are not downloading the viruses, scams or fake data, to keep your device safe always check for negative or positive reviews before downloading.
  • It is good to have some quality antivirus downloaded on your phone to protect the device from malware such as Avast, Quick Heal that have vigorous malware detection features and try them in their free version; you can get the paid version once you are satisfied.
  • In a case when you receive any unknown link in your email as for downloading or any offer, don’t click any unknown links and don’t add any strange email addresses as these links contain viruses mostly, so sent them to spam immediately.
  • Remember Rooting of your android device, including the security software, and activate the auto software updates for extra security layer. Accessing up to date apps is a great way to pass up Android vulnerabilities.

Android Users can have these 10 Security Tips

  • Using password is mandatory in order to keep the phone protected from unauthorized users. The patterns or fingerprints should be changed habitually. It’s very beneficial to keep the other person out.
  • Install Android Device Manager and other trackers on your windows device such as PC, laptops, these types of software allow you access the saved device remotely, tracking location for the lost device; access the data such as contacts and also you can erase the data. It’s really an efficient method to find out the device. So this is a must have software for security purposes.
  • Another great feature is the encryption, never forget to encrypt your phone’s data to activate the feature, just go to the settings, under security option and activate the function and this encrypting process may take some hours so you can do it overnight and that way you can find your device encrypted when you wake up.
  • Do not use public WiFi and do not share your network openly, if you do so your private information as passwords can be revealed. Use VPN (virtual private network) software to hide your identity while visiting websites. So the virtual software can help you from these attackers.
  • Locking Your Apps is necessary to keep the sensitive information safe and nobody could see the details. This security layer prevents anyone from using the pone when it is lost or stolen. I use the “App Lock” for myself and it provides my phone the exact protection I expected, so you don’t need to lock every single app.

These 10 Security Tips and instructions will definitely help you and serve towards keeping your Android devices safe.

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