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Apple Going to Push the Industries Boundaries with Apple iPhone7!

Apple always gets marketing from rumours and speculation. Most of us do not know it’s a strategy or media hype. Both ways Apple iPhone7 is the winner.

Here are the latest rumours includes in brand new Apple iPhone7

Expecting LI-FI:

The masterpiece of Apple is that it always sets the boundaries, and industries do the catching job. Apple iPhone7 expects to come with a fresh Li-FI technology that substitutes standard Wi-Fi and 4G. Speediest shows that Li-Fi 100-time faster than Wi-Fi and hit the speed 224 gb per second. However, it is a sceptical news that still there is Li-Fi supported product in the market. We just have to wait until the Keynote presentation makes it is a possibility.

Removal of 3.4 Millimetre Headphone Hack

Removal of Headphone jack is a hot topic in the media. Because, if Apple removes the standard jack, what about those who bought expensive headphone? How is Apple going to resolve it? Thinking out of the box is Apple’s strength and always appreciated for it. You can anticipate an adapter with a lightning port in coming Apple iPhone7. So you can still use old headphone. Apple is going to push the boundaries of audio quality one step ahead.

Wireless Charger

Apple strives to bring a wireless charger to Iphone. However, it is impossible, because an Iphone case uses Aluminum Oxide, which lacks charging ability. Qualcomm announces that they know about how to make the aluminum oxide to charge faster. At last, you can have a wireless charger at your doorsteps. Charge your phone still listens to your favourite music.

Apple Going to Push the Industries Boundaries with Apple iPhone7!


Apple needs to compete with theS7’s edge curve display, which has advanced resolution. Rumours on the air whisper that Apple iPhone7 might come with OLED display to give more durability to a battery. The iPhone7 might mimic S7 curved edge or a fully curved display with high resolution. Otherwise, cross your finger to view totally a unique screen.


More PPI

The Current Iphone model uses 1080 HD screens, which hit 401ppi. However, Galaxy S6 got the 2K resolutions with 577 PPI. So, Apple just has to match with Samsung, or we may see a higher resolution around the corner.

Home Button

Apple got a patent to use full screen as a Home button and Touch ID. In 2015, Sonavation R&D COMPANY announces that Ultrasonic Finger Print Scanners technology capable of scanning beneath the Gorilla glass display. Techies think that Apple going to embed this technology in iPhone7 and make a Home button turn to a virtual keyboard.


Apple never talks much about their product. People and media make it for them. Still few months on the line, are the facts that we are going to see a new trendsetter from an Apple or just a device in the market? Wait until September, curtain unfolds.

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