Bajirao Mastani Movie Review and Rating

The energetic Ranveer Singh, the international star Priyanka, the most commercial actress of the age Deepika, the magician Bhansali, 13 years of making, competition with Dilwale…. Phew! This biopic has numerous reasons to make us wager on it. But has this magnum opus been successful to build a castle in the air?
OK! Here it goes.

Bajirao Mastani’ is a helluva once-in-a-lifetime cinematic experience; to be precise, it’s an orgasm for every enchanted-by- Bollywood fellow like me. The film is a delicious combo of a heart-wrenching story, acidic performances, melodious music and flabbergasting direction. Such films are rarely made in Bollywood now-a-days and I bet, S.S. Rajamouli will surely clap in his heart, because his hands will be busy meanwhile in noting down some icing-on-cake for ‘Bahubali-The Finale.’



Bajirao Ballal Peshwa (Ranveer Singh) is an ambitious Maratha knight who has an agenda to create a united Hindu nation, the Bharatvarsha and has both wit and chivalry to have the task accomplished. Meanwhile the film we are also told that the hero has been the winner of all the 40 wars he has fought.
During the Mughal invasion, Bajirao is away from home planning an attack on Delhi when he meets Mastani (Deepika Padukone) who has arrived (is destined to arrive) to seek his help to save her hometown Bundelkhand which is being held captive by the Mughals. She is the daughter of King Chhatrasal and his Muslim wife. While Mastani’s dedication and her bravery impress Bajirao, he is determined to help her. Soon, in the midst of the battle, Cupid strikes his ‘arrow.’
Kings falling for ladies is not new.
Back home, there’s Kashibai (Priyanka), the wife of Bajirao who, in her city, can’t even dream of such a war and a love story. Everything is fair in both. Isn’t it?
Will Bajirao and Mastani’s inter-religious love breathe in the strong opposition of his Hindu community and family? Will Kashi be enough “dilwali” to share her husband with Mastani for the rest of her life?
Well! You will have to watch this opulent film to find out the answers.

Story, Screenplay and Direction

The story of the film was not something that I went to look for. It could be read from Wikipedia too. So the things to be tested were the screenplay (by Prakash Kapadia) and the direction (by Sanjay Leela Bhansali): both of them have passed out with flying colors.
The screenplay is laced up with many moments to give viewers goosebumps. At the core, the film is war saga less and a love saga more, I know you know that. From the way Ranveer treats his two ladies to the chemistry of “each” couple, to the electrifying poetic dialogues, everything is droolworthy herein.
The captain of the ship, Bhansali, has given his best work to date. We are well-aware of the fact that no one can handle glitters better than him but this time he has surpassed himself and has very well justified the need of time that he has taken to paint it on celluloid.

Stars Performances

Ranveer Singh is having a blast in the film. The actor recently gave a winning performance in ‘Dil Dhadakne Do.’ The actor is his usual energetic self and looks evey inch of Peshwa. The way he has learnt the accent and delivered his dialogues, he is sure to win accolades for this one.
Sadly, Deepika is the flimsiest of the trio. She looks dazzling and makes her presence felt but she radiates modernization which doesn’t gel well with the character. Her chemistry with Ranveer is not as great as that with Ranbir. I am sorry to say so, Ranveer.
Priyanka Chopra clearly comes out as the winner. Hers is an award-winning stint and she must win some. Her eyes are enough to convey both agony and ecstasy simultaneously. Wow! Her best to date.
Tanvi Azmi as Ranveer’s mother is horribly good. She makes you feel her terror.
Mahesh Manjrekar makes his presence felt and others lend good support.

Music and Other Technical Aspects

Music of the film is composed by SLB and as usual, it is fantastic. All the songs are melodious and their choreography and sets will set new standards. My pick from the lot is ‘Deewani Mastani.’
It has to be long when it’s a Shakespeare or a Bhansali; so the editing is as it should have been.
Cinematography is breathtaking and so are the costumes. You will get to see a vintage version of Skype.
Timelines of the periods are well-placed.

Sau Baat Ki Ek Baat

Nothing is pitch-perfect here even when made by God, so can’t be films made by just directors. Thus, without going into the nitties-grittties of the film (unlike most critics), I declare ‘Bajiro Mastani’ a sure-shot blockbuster and very-very well-made film. It has its heart at right place. Make your Christmas merry, watch ‘Bajirao Mastani.’

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