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CBSE Maths paper 2016, students and teachers worried about result

The Class 12 CBSE mathematics board examination which was held coincidentally on the birthday of famous scientist Albert Einstein, who used to say, “Do not worry about your difficulties in mathematics. I can assure you mine are still greater.” The CBSE Class 12 mathematics paper has raised controversies as students and teachers demanded for re-examination of the paper. The issue also raised in parliament by K.V.Thomas , he said, “The government should take it seriously and in future when question papers are being set, efforts should be made to rope in experienced and senior people.” .
“The paper was tough. Most of the students could not attempt it well and are depressed. The pattern of the questions asked in the exam was way different from the normal pattern of the CBSE. Either the CBSE should conduct the exam again or adopt a liberal attitude during the evaluation of answer sheets,” said mathematics teacher Rakesh Sharma. The principal of Ahlcon International School in the Capital, Ashok Pandey, said he has written to the CBSE authorities. “Testing students is fine but we should not test their nerves. These marks are going to affect their future.” . “There is so much pressure on the kids because of Delhi University’s abysmally high cut-offs,” said Sonu Anand, a parent in New Delhi. “We were more prepared for NCERT based questions, but the paper was set from other books,” class 12th student Niharika Gupta, Amity International School, said. The questions were given more from supplementary books that are not affordable to many students. “A number of questions were from RD Sharma,” added the student. A student Harshita Arora said, ” I studied maths for the whole year, and all my hard work just vanished due to an experiment that the CBSE did, they should start shooting children directly instead of making them want to kill themselves. A physical education student would score more than me. Despite scoring the first rank in all my school exams, and perfecting NCERT, I panicked and couldn’t give my best. It’s high time that the CBSE understands the value of these exams for us and not play with our future . A liberal marking scheme would be of no good. We demand re-examination.” .

“Hundreds of anxious Class 12 students and their parents have started petitions on appealing the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) to show leniency in evaluating the Mathematics paper that concluded yesterday,” said the petition platform. The biggest petition, with 12,500 signatures, was started by a student from Guwahati. Other petitions were started by students from Kolkata, Chennai and other cities including Thrissur.

Well there is another side of story as well, some people have different views about the paper as well, Pankaj Jairaman, a student said, “Just see Q.9 on page 493 of NCERT Part 2. that question is of same type which we got in the exam. The real thing is that you people have not prepared well for the exam (even NCERT) and are complaining the paper makers. Just stop speaking such nonsense things for giving grace marks because you don’t deserve them. I agree that the paper was lengthy but that was not that tough. There was no such question in the paper which came out of syllabus or we couldn’t do it.
S B Joshi said, ” Why are you behind spoiling mathematics and your career both? You and maths are not made for each other. If you have such a writing skills join BA in English that will suit you better.”

After several students claimed that the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Class XII board Mathematics examination paper was ‘tricky’ and tough, the board has issued a clarification on remedial measures which are likely to be taken before evaluation. CBSE has also issued a notification saying that they will place the feedback before the committee of subject experts and the board will take remedial measures before evaluation.

Well exams and results have always been an important part of a student’s life. Actually our education system only concerned with getting good marks no matter what . Hardly anybody try to develop curiosity and interest for the subject . The main and only aim of our education system to prepare students for examination . The marks you obtain decides your intelligence , no one going to look your curiosity for the subject , no one going to see how much you enjoy the subject . Students from the beginning of their education are taught to study hard only for scoring good marks. Students don’t enjoy what they study and also don’t try to explore and understand the subject rather they only want to learn what going to be asked in the exam , this type of attitude creates stress and ultimately if students are unable to get good marks they develop phobia of subject (maths phobia) . The aim of examination must be self-realization by student how much understanding he has about the subject so that he can work on the subject in better way . But the aim of examination these days is to decide the intelligence level of the students . As Albert Einstein said: “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” . But we can’t afford to judge fish with ability to swim because India has tradition to follow the teachings of ancestors and how can we forget we evolved from monkeys and monkey can only judge others by ability to climb tree .

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