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Chambal Dacoits to Fight Against Deforestation

Chambal Dacoits to Support Fight Against Deforestation.
Yes! You got it right! The same Dacoits who were Once a cruel merciless dacoits in the area of Chambal , the one   who even did murders for the sake of money. But as time passed they have transformed now they are undertaking some movements which are very useful for the society.


On the eve of International Day of Forests , the former dacoits of Chambal , came together neither to fight against any system nor any individual, but to fight against deforestation and pollution.  Dacoits have joined hands to motivate people to grow trees and not cut them.


The former dacoits of of Chambal said  “during their stay in jungles, there were very limited activities of deforestation as they all used to protect the jungles, as it was a safer habitat for hiding themselves. Now since they are no more living in the forest, they have come together to save the trees which are very important for environment and rain,” .


The dacoits took the pledge to save the environment during a program organised by a NGO named Kalpatru where the slogan of the event was ‘Pehle Basaya Bihad and Ab Bachayege Bihad’. They are now on a new mission named ‘Save Forests for better Rains’.


It’s amazing how the famous former dacoits of Chambal have transformed and are now working for the betterment of nation. It will be wrong to interpret that these  people had wrong motives when they became a dacoits , maybe it was there Helplessness that forced them to be dacoits .  Let’s forget their past and try to appreciate what they are doing at present .

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