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Connector for your devices – USB Type-C

There are the several kinds of connectors; we use them to connect our Smartphones, laptops, and computers and other devices. We normally use the USB Type-A connector and Type-B USB cables. USB Type-C is a new design cable; they have smaller and thin design than Type-A and B cables.

USB Type-C spec was first announced in August 2014, and the Apple announced it with the newest MacBook.

Here are the things you should know about the new USB cable-

  • Products using USB Type-C are manufacturing and it seems that in future we would replace all our peripherals with the type-c cable. Manufacturers are also expected to provide adapters to use the new connector with existing computers without changing the ports and we would achieve USB 3.0 speed.
  • Also, there will be no difference in a Micro or a Mini-USB, so you won’t have to be check if the connector is facing right or not and you’ll no longer have to be anxious about whether you’re using mini or micro USB. The cable will charge the device up to 100 watts with just 20 volts for all phones and tablets with greater effectiveness, so you won’t require another USB cable.
  • Type- will be launched also for symphonies and not just for computers.
  • After the Apple’s MacBook Shortly, Google will also launch its devices with the types-c USB; as a result, it’ll give more Speed, and flexibility.

Connector for your devices - USB Type-C

Backwards Compatibility

The USB Type-C is designed with a slimmer physical connector; in addition, it will provide backwards compatibility. As a disadvantage, you won’t be capable of plugging in your older USB devices, but you can get a physical adaptor that will work with the new type very well.

During the in this evolution, several new accessories and peripherals will be introduced with USB Type-C connectors and hybrid solutions so everyone will be able to use the old devices with the newer ones.

The future USB Type-C will provide more versatility, enhanced look and quicker charging capability and put an end to shuffle with the cables, which means you won’t have to need to check the port.

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