Cool Halloween Costume Ideas 2016

Halloween is one of the most favorite festivals of millions of people in the world. This festival of Halloween is celebrated on 31st October of every year. This festival of Halloween is basically celebrated in Ireland, United Kingdom, Canada, United States of America, New Zealand, Australia and many other countries of the world. This festival was initially celebrated as a festival which was dedicated to the harvest of the farmers. But as the time passed the way of celebrating this festival also changed and more horror and fun element was added into this festival resulting in more and more popularity of this festival in the world.


Halloween Costume Ideas 2016

This festival is especially loved by the children as on this very day the children get dressed in the costume of scary ghosts, cartoon characters and witches. Some of the Cool Halloween Costume Ideas 2016 includes the costumes which are made at home by the children themselves or by taking help from the elders. Children use funny or horror looking stuff to make their dresses. Some children also choose to wear the dress of their favorite cartoon character or any other character which is famous at the time for Halloween. So a lot of creativity can be done with the costumes of Halloween and hence you can enjoy this festival and also this element of making the costume for yourself.

Halloween Costume Ideas for children

Another very cool thing about Halloween is that the children after wearing these cool costumes on Halloween go to different people and ask them for candies. And if the adult person is not able to give them the candy then all the children start shouting trick and treat which means that the person who has not given the candy is now subject to prank or any trick of the children.

Also apart from these costumes and this fun game, pumpkins can also be seen outside the houses of people. Various faces are carved in the pumpkins to make those pumpkins look even better. Once carved, the candles are placed in these pumpkins and make them look more beautiful. These pumpkins are popularly known as Jack – o –lanterns.

So this is how this festival is celebrated all over. There is fun, enjoyment, beautiful costumes and a lot more awesome stuff which make this festival so special.

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