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How to cure sore throat with natural remedies

Natural remedies to cure sore throat at home





Maintaining a good health is a challenging job now a days, with the increasing junk food and the daily increasing pollutants in the natural resources. A very common problem for most of the people is getting infected and having a sore throat.

Sore throat irritates a person and disturbs a lot in the regular work. Getting a sore throat has a lot of reasons like viral infections, unhealthy food and drinks, excess smocking, food sensitivity, etc. Sore throat is generally accompanied with headache or stomachache or body ache. This is a sign of catching a high fever or cold in very near future.

When you have a sore throat no need to go for various pills, it can be cured with very simple natural remedies. One of the best methods is to gargle with the hot salt water. Do it 3-4 times a day and this will give you relaxation very soon. Take warm water approx. 1 glass and add about 1 table spoon full of salt in it and stir well before use.

Avoid dehydration as this may harm your throat and will give burning sensation in throat. Take liquid time and again and let your throat not dry. Taking some hot thick liquids like soup or tea with ginger prove very efficient to cure the sore throat.

Consuming these herbal teas will help you curing sore throat. Taking green tea 2-3 times a day gives you a relief from your irritating sore throat. There are antioxidants present in the green tea which smooths your throat. If green tea is consumed with lemon it will give an additional benefit.

Taking honey with lemon tea proves to be efficient for the cure of sore throat. Honey is consumed from decades because of its healing power and antimicrobial properties. Lemon tea contains natural acids which neutralizes the sore throat.

The other things to be taken care of while suffering from sore throat is to avoid cold drinks and any other cold food stuff. This may increase the infection and you will have to suffer more.

Try these natural therapies at home and see how it cures sore throat in very less time.

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