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How to Enjoy Facebook Live Video

Live videos are actually a real-time video post on Facebook. If you follow live videos from public figures and your friends will come out in your News Feed. When you are examining a facebook live video or a video that was live, you can click or tap Subscribe option to get notified the next time that an individual begins a live broadcast.

During that broadcast, you will go to watch the number of live viewers and an actual-time stream of comments. When your broadcast is completed, then it will be in print on your Page’s Timeline. To begin with a live broadcast on your page:


  • First you will log into the Face book app from an iPad or iPhone.
  • Then next move to your Page and tap Publish.
  • Then Tap
  • After that write an optional description for your broadcast and
  • Tap Go Live to start your broadcast.


And then at last when you wish to complete your broadcast, tap Finish and also bear in your mind that a live broadcast can be now no longer than 30 minutes.

How to Enjoy Facebook Live Video

For using Face book Live videos, there are some of the significant tips which are mentioned here as follows:


  1. When you are going to broadcast then tell people ahead of time


Build up your anticipation by letting the persons know when actually you will be broadcasting live.


  1. When you have a powerful or strong connection then go live


Just check to make sure that you have a very powerful or strong signal just prior to going live. Wi-Fi have a tendency to work best, however if you can’t search for a nearby network, then you will want to have a 4G connection. If you have frail signal then the ‘Go Live’ button will be grayed out.


  1. Write a forceful explanation just prior to going live


A big detailed explanation will take into custody the fans’ concentration and assist them to comprehend what exactly your broadcast is all about it.


  1. 4. Inquire your viewers to follow you and get notifications when you go live


Call out that your viewers can tap on the Follow button on  Facebook live videos and the videos, which were live, and then choose-in to obtain the desired notifications the next time you go live.


  1. 5. Utter hello to commenters by name and giving reply to their comments


Your viewers will be delighted to listen you mention their name and respond to their queries when you are live.


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