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Find Gravitational waves , be the next  Albert Einstein

The confirmation of the existence of Gravitational waves proved  Einstein right and created a hype in scientific world . But now  if you want to  experience the  amazing feeling that comes by  detecting a spacetime ripple yourself then  now you have a chance. Scientists began To take the help of ordinary people like you and me for the  detection of next gravitational wave .
All you need to do is download a software for windows or an app for Android phones (BOINC ). The project, called Einstein@home, takes advantage of your computer’s or Android  device’s free time to interpret the  data collected by the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory between September and January. It was this same LIGO that was responsible for the world’s first detection of gravitational wave signal produced by a pair of heavyweight black holes colliding 1.3 billion light years away.
It’s amazing that we can use the free time of our PC or Android device for the development  of science . Everybody must download may be you could find another signal although Physicists arenot expecting to detect another big spacetime wave in this batch of data. But they think there is chance of detection of  weaker signals for example those produced when a pair of neutron stars spin about each other very quickly.  These signals take more computational time to be interpreted so that weaker gravitational waves can be detected . The best way to reduce this computational time is to take help  of our personal computers and devices .
So it’s an amazing opportunity an we all must take full benefit of it . The detection of gravitational waves have provided a new way to study and explore  universe . So what are you waiting for guys and girls ? It’s your turn to be the medium for the discovery of next gravitational wave and be the next Albert Einstein .

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