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How To Get More Storage on Your Android Smartphone or Table

Your tablet or Android phone come with a limited memory and after some time you might start running out of memory and get an error message about insufficient How To Get More Storage of Android Phone. There are several ways to get rid of this problem. Let us have a look at some of the best ways to get more storage space.

Get a micro SD Card

The most popular and the simplest way are to get a micro SD card for your tablet or smart-phone. Most of the smart-phones come with an option for expandable memory in addition to internal memory. There are various types of memory cards available at variable costs. The cost depends on the speed and the brand of the micro SD card.

Before buying a memory card, you must check for the maximum size of memory card that is supported by your device. The speed of a memory card is defined by its class, like class 3 or class 4 etc.
In case your gadget does not support a memory card, you can go the next option of USB UTG that will act like the main memory as long as it remains attached to your device via USB.

Using a USB OTG type Storage

There are many tablets and Android smart-phones, which support USB OTG. It works just like a normal peripheral device and shows up on your gadget as USB device. However, you must check if your device has the option of USB OTG. You can check this with a free USB OTG Checker app available on the Google Play.

Once you are sure that your device supports USB OTG, you can connect a memory device like card reader or external hard drive using an OTG adaptor. If you do not have it, you can easily buy from your local shop or online. You device can power a normal memory card but for an external drive, you would need to provide external power.

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Software Options

You can also get some memory by uninstalling the unwanted apps, which are no longer required. Also you can get some memory by clearing the app cache and unwanted or duplicate files. There are many apps, which can do this for you.

Store you Data in Cloud

Cloud Storage works best if you have access to internet with a decent speed. Cloud Storage means you can store your data into online drives like Dropbox, Myspace and many more.

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