Ghayal Once Again Movie Review and Rating




Boisterous but Banal


No ‘phew!’, only ‘oyeeeee!’.


“Ghayal Once Again” may have sufficient steam for the uncooked human in one but after the pretty much gripping first-half, the second half is TOO ORDINARY. Except for the good action sequences, there is nothing to watch out in this one.



The sequel starts from where the previous film ended. Ajay Mehra (Sunny Deol) is the messiah of the city  who gets devastated when his companion is killed by the son of a businessman, Raj Bansal (Narendra Jha). By chance, a group of four teens have the killing recorded in their camera and they want to help Ajay.


Story, Screenplay and Direction

The story and the screenplay are the major drawbacks of this film.

The first-half is definitely interesting and the chase sequence between the four students and the henchmen of Bansal in the same is good.

But post interval the film slips and never stops to do so.

The screenplay is inconsistent and the emotional end is too hard too digest.

Sunny Deol as the director does not do a good job. He has handled the action sequences pretty well but overall the film doesn’t prompt us for the security of women.

Dialogues are not great.


Star Performances

Sunny Deol is still good in the action sequences but is a big let down in the others. I am a BIG fan of Paji, so it’s hard to write such words about him.

Soha is powerhouse of talent but here she churns out an average performance as the psychiatrist of Deol.

Narendra Jha is good.

The four newbies have done very well.

Tisca is good at what she does.

The actor playing Kabir is fine.


Music and Other Technical Aspects

There is only one song, “Lapak Jhapak”, and it is peppy.

Editing is OK.

Background score is copied from “The Dark Knight Rises”.


Sau Baat Ki Ek Baat

Those who haven’t watched “Ghayal” should watch it for once and those who have should do it once again. This one is not worth it.


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