Google Self Driving Cars: The Next Generation of Cars

Discovery of cars have transformed our world completely and provided us extreme luxury that has made ways for us to travel around. The world in now headed towards a new step of self driving cars that will be capable of navigating without any human control by sensing the surroundings and environment. There are many companies that are working on making this concept a reality including the giant Google. Self driving cars are also referred as robotic cars, driverless cars or autonomous cars.
Google Self Driving Car is a part of the project by Google X dedicated to bring revolutionary changes in the technology of electric cars. These cars are equipped with ‘Google Chauffeur’ software. The technology self driving cars can be game changer as it overcomes a lot of limitations associated with a human element. According the statistics, there are more than 1.2 million people killed in road accidents across the world and 94% of these accidents are caused by the human error involved in driving. With self driving cars from Google we can save millions of lives and prevent families from the losing their loved ones. Another great advantage of the technology is that everyone can now enjoy the ride including those people who are not capable of driving cars due to age or any other impairment, without any dependency on others.

Google Self Driving Cars The Next Generation of Cars
The technology of self driving cars has already proved its success by implanting it with some cars like Toyota Primus, Lexus RX450h and Audi TT. Google has also rolled out its own robotic car equipped with self driving technology. It makes use of equipments from Continental, LG, ZF Lenksysteme and Bosch which are assembled together by Roush Enterprises. The total cost of the equipments is about $150,000 which includes the most important LIDAR system which alone costs $70,000. The car comes with a Velodyne 64-beam laser which is mounted on its top to help in detecting the range of objects in the surrounding. The signals captured by the RADAR are processed to create a 3D map of the surrounding which makes the car capable of driving itself.
Google Self Driving Car has hit the roads in a few parts of America including CA, TX, Metro Phoenix, Austin and many more. Google self driven has already covered more than 1.5 million miles with a very few unwanted incidents. However Google is hopeful to work on these limitations and come up with a perfect self driving car in the near future.

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