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Hologram Video Games: Makes virtuality a reality

Since the last few decades, our globe has developed with such a pace which is actually unbelievable. The life of common man has been totally transformed with the evolving high technologies which are highly modernized and reducing the manual work as well. We are getting connected with the global information system and making it as a part of our daily lives. Hologram Video Games is also the part of the same concept.

A Hologram Video Game is a type of a video game that uses the concept of stereoscopic technology. With the help of this technology, a player can actually interact with the objects and characters residing in the video game and he can actually feel them out. This type of gaming comes under the era of high development and modernization and it actually creates more interest in the minds of players. Also, these games are very interactive and always makes the interest live within the player.

The Hologram Video Games should not be actually confused with 3d graphics games. The 3d games provide a very clear and a good graphics of the objects within the games but unlike holographic games, they do not provide in depth reality of the objects beyond the screen.

Hologram Video Games Makes virtuality a reality

Development of Hologram Video Games

These gaming have been developed in many countries. In Tokyo a recent Hologram Video Game has been launched. This game works beyond the motion sensor technology. In this gaming, a player can directly interact with virtual objects and can feel each and every environment that exists in the game as the real one.

Sony is also working on this concept of gaming. It has given the idea that with the help of some special light beams, we can make the images present inside the games to float within the room in the real life. Sony had already come with this technology earlier and it had created a projection of a hologram of a dog inside a jar.

Another invention has been made by Apple recently. It has created a Hologram Video Game through which a player can play with the virtual objects in their hands and could use them for the personal computers and also in the movies.

Although this type of gaming has not been fully developed till time in the market but still companies are busy in developing it and in next ten to twelve years we would be having the games which will actually run perfectly on the holographic technologies.


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