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JNU incident , A matter of shame for India

Let’s start with jai hind jai Bharat  , East or West India is the best , Bharat mata ki jai . Imagine if someone Shouts  these slogan in Jawaharlal Nehru University will media ever going to show that in news .  A shameful incident of chanting of anti national slogans in  Jawaharlal Nehru University was covered by media and was shown again and again , as if they were doing its publicity . The problem is that we Indians want negativity and demands create it’s own supply , media provides us negative news . I believe anti national slogans are worst then abusive language and they must be treated the same way as media treat abusive language beep beep . what is the fun of showing these anti national slogans again and again and hurt the sentiments of every Indian .


TRP hungry media even provided a conclusions that students  of one of  the most prestigious institution  of India are anti national and worst part most of Indians believed that  .  Some people said that we should shut down JNU , I think such people must shut their  mouth first , these people are real anti national who are asking to shut down a prestigious institution in India . According to logical Indian post on this issue the event organized in the campus was to discuss  , how can without informing anyone  afzal guru got  hanged secretly because government wanted to avoid violence that must have taken place otherwise , was that process of secretly hanging justified . Many legal experts and international human rights group  condemned the secret process of execution . well students who organized themselves say that they are not supporting afzal guru they are against the secret  process of execution . Organizing a discussion is acceptable but what is not acceptable is the shouting of anti national slogans . I have read in many places that the people who shouted anti national slogans were outsiders and not JNU students .


Then student union head got arrested on charges of sedition which means conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch. Well there were many Doctored Videos that were even shown on TV on whose basis Kanhaiya got arrested and also proved a culprit  . Kanhaiya even said that he will help police to catch them real culprit . Kanhaiya and his supporters faced a lot of illegal harassment and physical torture in court in front of authorities no one took any action . A lot of  greedy politicians  played politics on the topic and entire incident became a political drama and one of the main point of criticism in our parliament ( waste of precious time ) . Someone   announced cash prize for anyone who kills Kanhaiya or cuts his tongue . When kanhaiya got released on a bail he said that “ he wants freedom in India and not from India” .

I don’t know who is real culprit but it will be a matter of a shame for our country if any innocent gets the punishment . Worst part what ever happened badly affected the image of a prestigious institution of India and it’s a great loss for India . I think one of the culprit is TRP hungry media .

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