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Coupling Effect


Kareena Kapoor Khan, the wine… R. Balki‘s “Paa” and “Cheeni Kum” were two serene products… An interesting trailer… Phew! I was excited for this one.


Well! I am not disappointed. “Ki & Ka” is a candy-floss and evolutionary effigy of Kareena‘s elegance, Arjun‘s relevance and Balki‘s brilliance. It’s a beautifully-bizarre breeze.


Ki and Ka: Synopsis

He is the cook and she is the crook, and they totally rock! Kia (Kareena Kapoor Khan) is a lady with gold in brain who knows how to milk success. She has had a great career streak and wants to be the CEO of a company.

Kabir (Arjun Kapoor) is a Delhi-based who’s who’s son who is an IIM B topper, and a muscular and ever-ready-to-have-sex guy but he doesn’t want to go office. He wants to be like his mother: keeping equally-important household running and not wasting life in the name of a six-letter word ‘Career’.

The ki and the ka meet and after heavy rounds of arguments, Ka wears a mangalsutra.

What happens thereafter? Well, I am neither your ki nor ka to tell. Watch this film and find out.


Ki & Ka: Story, Screenplay and Direction

Well, Balki always comes up with fresh ideas, mostly which manage to entertain. This one falls in the same equity. Change is a principle of time. God never assigned any duty to anyone. It might be the wish of a lady at a point of time to start the culture of the wife being a homemaker and the husband carrying a dabba to his workplace. Then when this modus operandi of living became boring, some couples started working. The concept of “Ki & Ka” may come out possible in future.

The story is unique and entertaining. The concept is a work of a rational and experimental mind and kudos to the writer (Balki) for that. It’s true that men do enjoy household works because these are enjoyable. Had these been commercial and without the stigma of being aurton ke kaam, we, the men, would have opted for them as our careers as enthusiastically as we do so for any other job representing our image of being ghar ka mard.


The screenplay is full of funny moments. The actors’ moments of love, marriage and then those of after-marriage amuse and entertain.

Balki has not focussed on the perspectives of the society and the colleagues towards the concept, clearly implying another important lesson that they should not matter you if you are happy with yours.

The tension in the family has to be eradicated and this is the manifesto here.

Overall, the story, the screenplay and the direction are good.

Dialogues are quirky.


Ki & Ka: Stars’ Performances

Kareena Kapoor Khan stealing the show is nothing new. She is luminous, elegant and very effective.

Arjun Kapoor gives one fine performance. His dialogue delivery is still weak but still he is passable.

Swaroop Sampat as Kia’s mother does a wonderful job and adds humor to the drama.

Rajt Kapoor stands out as Kabir’s father.


Ki & Ka: Music and Other Technical Aspects

Ilaiyaraaja, Meet Brothers and Mithoon‘s musical score is average (except for “High Heels”) but their background score is good.

Cinematography by P.C. Sreeram is another letdown.

The film does boast of crisp editing (Chandan Arora).


Ki & Ka: Sau Baat Ki Ek Baat

According to me, evolutions and revolutions are phenomena that burst up either inside or Nature makes them happen. No film (or any other thing) can teach you anything until or unless you want them to. Do you follow the rules taught by “3 Idiots” and ” Taare Zameen Par”? So unlike other critics, I won’t classify it as an unsatisfying parable. It’s a decent entertainer. It’s a director’s wish how much he wants to entertain and teach.

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