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Yeh Kahani Hai Purani


I won’t sigh at all because in spite of a touching trailer, I had smelt the cliches. Though there are two potent actors in it, the director is ‘impotent’.


No surprises ahead! “Do Lafzon Ki Kahani” is a stale cashew in the Cornetto of love stories. Although it’s cozy and clean yet cliched and colloquial.


Do Lafzon Ki Kahani: Synopsis

Suraj (Randeep Hooda) is a male mixed martial arts player with dark nostalgia who has left his sport and does some odd jobs to pay some old debts. As luck would have it, he meets a chirpy, beautiful but visually impaired girl, Jenny Mathias (Kajal Aggarwal). The man is an ever-brooding boy and the counterpart is ever-looming in joy.

The two become lovers but Suraj soon realises that she is connected to his dark past in an egregious way. Guilt-stricken, he wants to give the lady vision.

Does he succeed? Do they unite? Catch this cliched romance of the two pretty powerhouses to know.


Do Lafzon Ki Kahani: Story, Screenplay and Direction

Well… I knew what I was going to be served but still for the sake of Randeep and Kajal, I dared. Even though the basic plot was not actually in my memory, the writer, Girish Dhamija, in place of benefiting from it, spoils everything with the venom of cliches.

There is an over-chirpy blind girl (Aee villain, is baar mai andhi hoon.), a brooding hero (Andheron se tha mera rishta bada.), an uncle to be served with a pudding, etc.

The film at no point seems convincing and the chemistry between the lead pair is missing.

After films like “Oops”, “Fareb”, “Tom, Dick and Harry”, director Deepak Tijori again proves his inability. However, he has captured the boxing scenes decently.

Dialogues are passable.


Do Lafzon Ki Kahani: Stars’ Performances

Randeep Hooda gives another killer performance, all thanks to his chilling body and equal/more acting skills.

Kajal Aggarwal is a fine actor but her character is too cliched. I couldn’t feel for her.

Mamik Singh (the first Vikraal) fits the bill as Randeep‘s trainer.


Do Lafzon Ki Kahani: Music and Other Technical Aspects

Music (Arjuna Harjai, Amaal Malik, Ankit Tiwari and Babli Haque) stays with you and the background music is good too.

Cinematography is fine but the editing, by Ballu Saluja, is a letdown. The first-half is stretched and one dozes off.


Do Lafzon Ki Kahani: Sau Baat Ki Ek Baat

Since KajalRandeep are not Kajol-SRK, so give this one a miss.

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