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Lovely but Not Novelly


Amrinder Gill is an astute performer… Sargun impressed a lot in “Angrej”… A very good juke-box… A decent number of reasons to say ‘phew’.


“Love Punjab” is a lovely Punjabi film filled with cliches. It gives you deja vu of various other Punjabi films because the setting is the same. If you want light-hearted humour, then rush to the nearest cinema.



Pargat (Amrinder Gill) and Jessica (Sargun Mehta) are a dysfunctional Indian couple living in Canada with their son Manvir (Manvir Johal), who is, like many Punjabi children, has to remain dil-se-desi and an English otherwise. Racism, parents’ constant arguing and cultural confusions lead him to suffer a nervous breakdown.

To get the kid cured, the parents take him to their village in Punjab where all the people now have to behave PROPERLY for Sarpanch da pota. 

What happens thereafter, you can easily guess. So, enjoy the fun-ride.


Story, Screenplay and Direction

The story, by Amberdeep Singh, is nice but the screenplay is filled with cliches. Why do all NRIs have their roots in the villages of Punjab? They can belong to a civilised Punjabi family and still be eager to work in abroad. I am tired of watching idiosyncrasies of a villager-trying-to-behave-properly and their, though ludicrous, interactions. Especially, in the second half, you are served many cliches.

Had the plot been a little different, I would have rated it a 4/5.

The director (Rajvir Dhingra) has done a very good job. He has extracted very good performance out of his players. You get to see emotions, humour and drama in one film.

Dialogues range from good to hilarious.


Stars’ Performances

Both the lead actors, Gill and Mehta, are excellent and make the film very watchable at the places where it dips.

The child actor is efficient.

Yograj Singh is first-rate and so is Nirmal Rishi.


Music and Other Technical Aspects

Jatinder Shah’s musical-score is one of the highlights of the film. My pick of the lot is “Goriyan Bahvan”.

For the editor; the film could have been crisper.

Cinematography is very good.


Sau Baat Ki Ek Baat

“Love Punjab” is like watching “All The Best”: you WILL enjoy but you won’t marvel. Enjoy this one with a tub of popcorns and family.




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  1. Dr Samriti

    March 11, 2016 at 3:25 pm

    Nice review


  2. Japjit singh

    March 12, 2016 at 6:05 am

    Good one


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