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How To Lower The Risk of Heart Disease

The modern life style is getting so fast and unhealthy that we all are prone to getting the heart disease. The unhealthy habits of food and no regular exercises are leading to a weaker body of ours. So getting out of this hard and fast life style, we need to take care of our self.


Here are the 5 Tips to reduce the risk of Heart Disease

#1. Quit Smoking

If you smoke, then you are more than thrice likely to have the heart disease. Smoking is an addictive habit, once you start it, you will carry it on and the numbers will start increasing. Smoking is injurious to health and the first effect of smoking will be on your heart.

#2. Improve Cholesterol levels

Taking very heavy and oily foods will disturb the cholesterol levels in your body. This disturbance may directly affect your heart. The more the cholesterol, the more will be the issues in pumping the blood. So plan a proper diet and take the healthy food accordingly. Taking all types of minerals and vitamins in the daily meal is very essential. So try to avoid the oily foods.

#3. Control High Blood Pressure

The high blood pressure makes it difficult for your hear to pump the blood. As the blood pressure level increase in your body, your heart has to bare an extra load. This extra load may lead to weakening of your heart and will make you prone to heart attack. So control the High blood pressure and avoid the salty food. The food highly concentrated with salt will create a problem to maintain the blood pressure.

#4. Maintain Your Weight

Obesity is one of the very common diseases which is seen in every third person in this world. People are getting very casual as far as their weight is concerned. To maintain your weight daily exercise and a proper diet will help out.

#5. Regular Exercise

Start your day with a morning walk in an open fresh air. This will give you fresh air good for your body. Take morning sun bath, as your body will gain Vitamin D from the sun which helps you reducing the risk of a heart disease.

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