“The Man Who Knew Infinity” Trailer Review & Rating

The Man Who Knew Infinity


The quality of any biopic trailer is decided by to what extent the makers of the movie are capable in revealing the qualities of the legend. Here are some peak points.


The opening part of the trailer brings out the curiosity of genius mathematician. There is little about his personal life.He move from Madras to Cambridge in 1914 when the professors of Cambridge startled after looking to his work on infinite series.


IN the second part of the trailer the real story turns out it describes the quality of every winner which is the persistence attitude, as in the words of

“Rocky Balboa” -“”it ain’t about how hard ya hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done!””


IN the last 30 seconds of the trailer the “Academy award winner” JEREMY IRONS asks him why do do it…He replies because I have to.this signifies the love of Ramanujan toward his work.

At the end of the trailer he succeeded in getting the respect, acknowledgement for his work for what he was starving initially due to his hard work and deep friendship with the man whose life is displayed by JEREMY IRONS.

TIMING: The choice of releasing this movie is quite appropriate as “Steve Jobs 2015” get an overwhelming positive feedback and before that the Stephen Hawking’s “The Theory of everything” take the all land.

At the first glance the “Slumdog millionaire” actor “Dev Patel” is not appropriate for this job.
No doubt the “The last Airbender” actor works very passionately but when it comes to the physical appearance much work is required because the actor is tall and gangly so he is an odd choice to play short,stout mathematician.

::The story revolves about how he prove those results which he said came to his mind mystically.There is very little about his personal life but that is okey..the only thing that matters is how the people get inspired and motivated by the legendary work of Ramanujan.Overall the trailer is amazing & it is amazing movie for the science lovers ,geeks as well as the people who believes in never give up attitude & this is the fuel which one needed in long run.

So i am going to give 4 stars out of 5.

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