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Natural Remedies to Improve your Vision

Follow these natural Remedies to improve your Vision





Poor vision is a disease found in very 3rd person now a days. The time we are spending in front of the screen whether it is television, computer or cell phones is too high. With this time getting a poor vision is not a surprise..!

Getting glasses to the youngsters as well as to the kids is now a days very common. With continuous exposure to the pollutants and to the screen, we are losing the capacity of a good eye sight. Try these below given natural remedies to improve your vision.

When you wake up in the morning, wash your face with chilled water. Take water in your hand and try to dip your eyes in it for a few seconds. Do this multiple times, with this exercise you will feel fresh as this regulates the blood flow near your eyes.

While you need to work for a longer time, may be it is reading or sitting in front of the screen, take breaks at regular interval. While you take break wash your eyes with cold water and then close your eyes for few minutes.

Heavy stress of work will lead to the sleepless nights. Taking less sleep is equivalent to inviting the disease. Taking proper rest is utmost necessary. Taking a walk on the lawn in early morning with bare legs, will improvise your vision to a great extent.

Taking Carrot and Amla juice early morning with empty stomach is much beneficial. Carrots and Amla are rich sources of Vitamin A which is good for eyes. They are store house of anti-oxidants that help beat the ill effects of oxidative stress in your body.

You need to have a well planned diet. Take green leafy vegetables like cabbage, coriander leaves and spinach on regular basis. Do not cook them, cooking them will destroy few of the minerals and proteins. So taking raw leafy vegetables is advisable.

The other very good food item is almond. Take few pieces of almond and soak them in water for the whole night. Now peel of the skin and grind those almonds. Make a paste of it and consume it with lukewarm milk.

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