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Need to end Child labour completely, Number of child workers dropped by 64 percent over 10 years

Child labour is one of the main problem faced by our country , but data collected in India’s 2011 census shows that number of child workers dropped by 64 percent over 10 years . It’s a good news , but still a lot of poor childrens are forced to do child labour .

Labour minister Bandaru Dattatreya said “The number of child labourers aged 14 or below in India dropped to 45 lakh in 2011 from 1.26 crore a decade before. The government will amend a three-decade-old child labour prohibition law. I gave a notice in the winter session, but it could not be passed. This session too, it could not be passed though I gave notice. The amendments to the current law are scheduled to be presented during this session of parliament which ends on May 8, with a recess between March 21 and April 19,”.

A February 2015 report by the International Labour Organization tells that the number of child workers in India aged between five and 17 at 57 lakh, out of 16.8 crore globally.

The government wants to change the current law against child labour which bans children under 14 from working in only 18 hazardous occupations and 65 processes. If this change gets approval in parliament then according to new law, child labour below 14 in all sectors and include a new category for those aged between 15 and 18 years old. The change also double jail time for employing children to a maximum of two years and increase the fine up to 50,000 rupees from 20,000 rupees currently. But child rights activists such as Nobel Laureate Kailash Satyarthi are saying not to include Children who help their family in family businesses and allow them to work outside school hours and holidays and also those in entertainment or sports can work provided it does not affect their education. Kailash Satyarthi who runs charity Bachpan Bachao Andolan which is has rescued more than 80,000 enslaved children, said the exemptions are “regressive” and wants a total ban on all forms of child labour. Let’s hope that the improved law gets passed and implemented as well.

Child labour must be abolished completely and children must spend their childhood studying in school rather than doing odd jobs . But how it will be possible as most of children in child labour have to work to feed themselves , if they don’t work they will not be able to feed themselves , their poverty will not allow them to quit child labour . Someone will have to do something . We can’t allow child labour destroy poor children’s future or rather future of our nation.

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