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Samsung Galaxy S7 Review Highlights Countless Exclusive Features of Galaxy 7

Samsung Galaxy S7 appears as its antecedent, and the latest characteristics means the new phone is value the additional money it will cost to select it over last year’s Galaxy S6 but it was unsatisfactory about that S6 phone. The plunged waterproofing is reverse once again, with IP68 rating. The battery has enhanced from 2550mAh to 3000mAh with a small alterations in the measurement. The microSD flexible memory is in backside force. This latest phone is valued at Rs 48,900 in the Indian market.


The Samsung Galaxy S7 gives experience like an entirely special phone in the hand. It is just because of the delicate curve on the back, taken from the Note 5. Envisage the sides from the S6 Edge’s screen utilized on the rear, and you will begin to comprehend after that. On the other hand, there is nothing, which will discontinue people bearing in mind that the Samsung Galaxy S7 as a phone, which is nothing more than the Galaxy S6S, a handset with the similar characteristic, set that approaches with a microSD slot and to a degree also.


It is now waterproof so it’s very striking to see a phone that’s this well-crafted being capable of being submerged into a glass of water- it makes lawful what Sony’s has been doing for years. But unhappily there is no USB-C connector on the base and unhappily for the tech fans who would have loved to simply plug in their charger either way up and benefitted from the faster and quicker pace on offer.

Galaxy s7 review

The microSD slit will have Samsung fans, soothing around the world- the cause for its vanishing in the Galaxy S6 was show,  as per the South Korean brand, which is at present declaring to have unchanging that issue and will see no slowdown for phones installed with the flexible memory.


Its 5.1-inch screen is back once again, without the supposed 3D-Touch style screen, which would have been a straight nod to Apple. It is not a different QHD resolution that we are considering on many smartphones nowadays and it is yet the excellent –looking screen on the market.


Other than Samsung may have pushed very far with the tech this year, relying on it very much to bring is one main characteristic i.e. the forever on display. It is accurately how it sounds: when the Samsung Galaxy S7 in standby mode it will give you an idea about a clock, calendar or a picture, so you will not have to turn continuously on the show to see what time it is.

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