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Smartphone in Delhi can locate toilet nearyby during emergency

As a part of Swachh Bharat Initiative an app launched in Delhi by Ishan Anand . The app Find x Toilet  locates a toilet nearest to one’s current location and also allows users to rate and review the quality of public toilets in Delhi. This app will prove to be very useful in locating the nearest  clean toilet using smartphone.

Ishan Anand said that “The app gives location and information on 1,000 toilets in Delhi, which is about 80 per cent of the total toilets in the national capital. I will soon cover all the toilets. Besides people can also add toilets through the app,” and he also added that The mobile app uses GPS of smartphone to find nearby publicly accessible toilets. Once the nearest toilet is located and selected then the app will provide the shortest route to exact location of the selected toilet.

Such innovative ideas can help in keeping India Swachh , no need to urinate in open when your Smartphone can  locate toilet nearyby during emergency situation  . It will be amazing if such an app gets launched for entire India . This app is a great innovative initiative and such initiatives must be appreciated and encouraged . even app developer Ishan Anand said “After all the toilets in Delhi are included in the app he will try to cover public toilets in other metro cities like Mumbai and Bangalore.”


Let’s all appreciate this innovative initiative and wish Ishan Anand best of luck may he soon cover entire India .

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