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Speed up your Wi-Fi speed

It feels really frustrating when you have to deal with weak Wi-Fi  signals and you feel died when you have a very urgent thing to do and your Wi-Fi speed is like doesn’t exist.

We can try everything in these situations to improve the signals, here are a few things that you should really try to improve the Wi-Fi strength.

Tweaking the Settings

You may experience weak signal if the frequency of your router is 2.4GHZ, then it could be weaker than it needs to be and you have to boost your Wi-Fi speed by switching your router’s frequency and channel.

Go to the router’s settings page by putting your router’s IP address into the address bar of the browser, you can find out the IP by going to Network and Sharing Center. Put the username and password, then search for the wireless settings and here you can change frequency from 2.4GHz to 5GHz.

Speed up your Wi-Fi speed

Shift Your Router

It’s important to get a good location for your router to get a strong and even signal; it shouldn’t be in a corner and if it is you’ve to shift this around, here are some tips:

  • Height: You should locate the router centrally both horizontally and vertically. If there are multiple floors and you want signals for all of them, your router should not be on the bottom located on the lowest floor. Height can help you get better coverage.
  • Appliances: appliances like Microwaves operate on a frequency close to 2.4GHz, so these types if appliances can disturb the Wi-Fi signal.
  • Position: every router has an antenna, In order to get clear vertical signals; it should be in pointing up. If you need horizontal coverage, set the antenna sideways.

Wi-Fi extender

There are still other options. You need more signals if you have a large house, in this case, you will Wi-Fi extender which connects to your existing Wi-Fi speed and repeats the signal to the whole house. But, it has a speed drop and a weaker signal sometimes than the main router.

Set a dual-band Wi-Fi extender that can also be used as a wired access point and join the Ethernet cable into your router to get a strong signal.

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