Star Wars: The Force Awakens Movie Review and Rating


   Star Wars: The Force Awakens Movie Review and Rating

Note: Since I am not a connoisseur of Hollywood, I have been unable to express my heartbeats completely in this piece. It’s a short review.

War! Mat Chodna Yar


The brand “Star Wars” is enough to make me say ‘Phew!’ So here it goes.


This show of the lightsabers has enough moments to give you goosebumps. The film ‘glows’ and so do its maker and its stars. Every Star Wars fan has to watch it because for them, this Christmas won’t belong to Santa anymore.



The last Jedi Master, Luke Skywalker is at large and in his absence, the First Order is at its most powerful. Being led by Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) the only thing standing in between them from attaining complete dominance is Luke.

A map of missing Sywalker’s whereabouts is entrusted to  the droid BB-8. Introducing a string of new characters, the one a newer set of audiences would connect to would be Finn (John Boyega) who is a Stormtrooper with the First Order. The only thing that he was taught to do was kill but his conscience conflicts him and hence he flees. The reason we can connect to him is that like us, he has heard about the legends of the Force but never experienced them.

Rey (Daisy Ridley) is a scavenger in Jakku and her past is kept well-hidden for us. The harsh desserts of Jakku have toughened her and she is the damsel who doesn’t need to be saved from distress.

Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac) is the Resistance’s star fighter. He is one o the most trusted operatives of Princess Leia. He is known to be the man who can fly anything and just when you think he is the new Han Solo well, the actual Han Solo does appear.

What happens when Han Solo, Chewie, Rey, Finn & Poe team up? Will they be successful in destroying Kylo Ren’s First Order? The biggest question of all, will the quest for the last Jedi Master Luke Skywalker end?



Story, Screenplay and Direction

As stated above, the story has enough meat to hold you from the word ‘Go’. I have not seen any previous part of the installment but next are sure to be watched. The screenplay is a terrific amalgam of humor, thrills and war sequences. Do we need more?

J.J. Abram is a great story-teller. Hats-off to the man! He has made the film look grand and extracted excellence out of every player. A job extraordinarily done!



Stars Performances

John Boyega has given a standout performance as Fin.

Harrison Ford as Han Solo is very energetic.

Daisy Ridley is someone who comes out as the topper. She is PERFECT as Rey.

Oscar is impressive too.



Music and Other Technical Aspects

The music is hummable though I am not much interested to write about it.

Talking about the special effects and the technical aspects, get ready to be awestruck. The technicians have done everything to bring the captain’s dream alive onscreen.



Sau Baat Ki Ek Baat

To describe the awesomeness of this epic, I assure you that if you are from Amritsar, you may see me sitting beside you in the talkie watching it again. Yes! It’s a many-times watch.

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