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How To study For Exams To Get Good Marks

Well this question comes in every student’s brain who is working during the exams, that how I can get more marks in exams. The student who get average marks they try to score more then there last exams and student who just wants to pass the exams will also want that they will get at least passing marks. But the question arises how…

In this article we are going to tell some simple tricks which will helps everybody score more in the mid test or in the final exams.
I personally use on of three ways to prepare any exam. Those three ways are ,
Study thoroughly
Study short and perform well
Study Smart
Study thoroughly – well this method usually know to everybody. Study thoroughly means study each and every topic in details and make sure you will get the sufficient knowledge about the concept and topic so that if any question related to that topic will come in the exam then your will probably able to answer that question. Use as much as knowledge you have regarding the topic and lay down it on the paper. Present your answer sheet in good and decent way so examiner can read each and every question clearly.
Study short and perform well – This approach I will suggest for those who really don’t like to study and have interest in extracurricular activities they can use this approach to score good marks in the examination. For those kind of peoples revise the previous year question papers and note down the important question which are get repeated after one or two years review that questions and prepare them. well this is not a rule that important questions get repeated at your exams but with this method you will surly prepare in minimum time and if that questions are in your exams then that is your golden luck buddy use it and perform as good as you can .
Study Smart – Smart work is always get appreciated by everyone, so what this means. Study smart means study according to your convenience and study when you really want to do, because when you are preparing your exams by taking it as a Burden , that you have to cover that much syllabus in this sufficient time then it will put lots of pressure on your brain. So don’t do anything like that.
Lets understand with an example – let’s take an example of two boys , both are studding in same class boy A study all seven days in week but second boy B will study only three days in a week . They both sit in the exams, the first boy a got in 85% marks and other boy B will get 80% marks. This is all about how you concentrate and how much you enjoy while preparing those exams. Now it’s upon to you that what way of studies you will be going to chose either 85% with seven day work or 80% with three day.

Some important tips to study during exams
Keep yourself hydrated
Take regular breaks
Regularly take juice or other soft drinks
Speak laud while you are studying
I hope these tricks and ways helps you to get smarter during your exams. but we are not saying forcefully that you have to follow these ways because everybody have its own area of interest and way to study , “so study good ,get good marks” and allllll the best for exams .

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