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The Robin Hood Budget 2016

Recently the new annual budget got released, and if you are a pro BJP supporter and you have listened to or read the BJP’s point of view then it’s the best budget ever.

According to them, it’s a revolutionary budget and it takes care of villages, farmers, people below the poverty line, a common man, middle class; in short, everyone. They have given additional income-tax benefits to the people having yearly income below 5 lakh rupees; have promised to double the income of farmers; have promised to connect villages through roads; have promised to supply people below the poverty line, free LPG connections, and they will provide free health insurance too to poor families. In short, you can say that it’s the best budget ever. For more details you can listen to Modiji’s speech on the budget, you will be convinced that it’s the best budget ever.

If you listen to the political parties in the opposition, it’s the worst budget. You can see Rahul Gandhi’s recent speech (you will die laughing). Not only Rahul Gandhi, many other opposition parties are criticizing the budget (for more details search on YouTube). The biggest problem of politics is; if you think according to the political party in power, then whatever they do seems the best, and they can very easily convince you,┬ábut whenever you listen to the opposition and you are not a die-hard supporter of the former, then the opposition can convince you much strongly with, that whatever the power do is the worst thing they can do. It’s a reality that every political party criticizes another, no matter what, and the other party criticizes the first. Both of them can easily convince you that they are right if you choose to listen to the both.

I am not saying that the people criticizing the current budget are doing wrong, maybe they are right but it’s really difficult for a common man like me to decide about the right and the wrong, because in politics the greed for power is always more important than the national development. You cannot trust any party.

At last, a question for you. Is it possible that someday the BJP does something for the development of the nation and Rahul Gandhi tweets ‘cha gaye Modiji’?

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