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The Salient Features Of The Noke Smart Padlock

About The Noke

When you buy a blue-tooth enabled lock then think about Noke as it is the world’s first blue-tooth enabled smart lock. Why use Noke Smart Padlock? The reason is simple. Since it is blue-tooth enabled therefore you do not have to worry about the keys getting misplaced.

Features Of The Noke Smart Padlocks

You know that when it comes to maintaining the key based locks, it comes to maintaining the key based locks, it becomes very difficult. There are chances of the keys, disappearing or getting lost. Sometimes, the spare ones that you keep in safe place cannot be found when required. However, the combination locks in context are easy to use and are much safe.

The Noke Smart Padlock come with IOS and Android apps. The users require installing these apps in their smart phones and using them to lock, unlock when in proximity to any locked entity. But it will be a folly to lock the mobile phone inside the locker. Then the Noke won’t serve any purpose in many instances.
Whatever, be the cost of the Noke and the app associated with it, the functions that the Noke locks offer are many. By using a single app, the user can control multiple Noke units. The app also allows the user to check when the lock was last used, the time and dates.

The user can lend others the Noke by setting up other users within the application. The Noke opens following a series of eight long and short presses. To open the locks, keys are not required.
The lock can be used to shackle the garden gates, garage doors. However, an important feature is with regards to the battery. The battery used in the mobile device can be replaced, fixed, but such provisions are available as per the company policy.

Why Should You Buy A Noke?

By now there are a number of padlocks in the market that work with blue-tooth, app functionality. Some are priced high, and moreover may not be weather proof. It is important on the part of the buyer to invest on such locks that are weather-proof, affordable. And in this context, the Noke’s padlocks are quite impressive.


Overall, it can be said that the Noke locks have manual bar-press input. They have sleek looks and all these features set them apart. It is much recommended for daily use. So, if you are interested to know more about these items then you can go online, check for yourself the features, properties of the product and then contemplate on purchasing the item.

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