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Various Ways to Save Your Phone Battery

Smartphone is a basic need of everyone, most of the times we find our-self occupied with our Smartphone or tech devices as tablet. We always have them in our pockets. We use them for every single task, and we do not want them getting off in the middle of something. For that purpose here are tips to get a longer Phone Battery life for our phones.

Here the Various Ways to Save Your Phone Battery

Screen brightness

First of all the brightness, most of us use the full level of brightness for watching videos, games and many of us don’t even know that it is sucking the battery life. So now if you are aware of the fact, try to help preserve the battery life by dimming the screen brightness.


We all love games according to our choice, any time when we experience bored or alone, we pick the phone start with these games as some famous ones – Candy Crush, subway surfer and many HD games. This is an easy solution for dipping the boredom, but this also reduces your phone’s battery and the performance, so try to keep yourself from installing these games.

Various Ways to Save Your Phone Battery

Using Bluetooth

Today we all use BT for sending, receiving files or any data, it help us be and a very convenient feature as well. Hooking BT with devices is all easy and quick, but when you don’t feel the need to using it, it is better to disable Bluetooth, it will save from draining the battery.

Location services

Sometimes we really need to use the GPS or location telling apps to get the right location where we want to reach as restaurants, or any place, so this way GPS helps us there. It can be possible that you don’t have enough battery to use GPS, but don’t feel lost; you can go for other services like Google Maps and download the maps for offline use, this way you can help saving battery.


When you use Snapchat for sharing your day, anything, it brings down the phone’s battery because it uses location tracking feature while you’re using it and you can face a dead battery soon, so try to minimize the uses to prevent the Phone Battery for longer uses.


Netflix is famous for its HD videos, television shows, so it’s a great streaming service and a perfect for solution for amusement. However with providing the huge entertainment, it doesn’t refill the power of your battery. You can diminish the use of Netflix a bit on your phone.

So that’s all I got in order to obtain longer use of Phone Battery, hope this helps.

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